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  1. Station announcements, from a spreadsheet and some files back to announcements

    By Evelyn

    Earlier this year, Scotrail published a roughly two hour MP3 file containing many of the little snippets of sound used in automatic station announcements. It looks like it was published in June, but it seems that it only really got attention in August. Each snippet was conveniently spaced by two …

  2. A rough beginner's guide to fedi

    By Evelyn

    Due to certain events, a lot of people have decided to join the fediverse for the first time. Many of us who've been on fedi for a little while have been trying to share tips and advice to help new users, and to dispel some of the misconceptions and disinformation …

  3. Minecraft account security

    By Evelyn


    In the beginning, a game called Minecraft was created. It became quite popular; you might have even heard about it. Things were more or less fine at first, people mined, people crafted. Eventually its game studio, Mojang AB, was acquired by Microsoft in 2014 - mission accomplished.

    Multiplayer is a …